Servergraph 9.1 Release Notes


The Servergraph 9.1 release is a major release that introduces a new user interface for Servergraph reporting. This Release Announcement contains the most recent enhancements and updates that have been made available in Servergraph 9.1.

Key highlights

  • Most dashboards can now be edited, created, shared or copied by any user unless the user is restricted by administrator.
    • Easily customized with workflows and images.
    • Dashboards can be saved to individual user folders for quick retrieval or organization. For example, all auditor dashboards in one folder or other reports by user.
  • Any dashboard can be set as a home page that opens upon login.
  • Intuitive workflows. Click from general widgets on Enterprise Explorer dashboard to detailed reports and widgets based on information needs.
  • Faster Response time for most dashboards.
  • Share individual dashboards by URL.
  • Save individual dashboards to browser favorites.
  • A new bread crumb trail for easier navigation.
  • Many product paths have been changed:
    • Configuration files are now found under /usr/servergraph/etc/.
    • Working and collection files are now found under /usr/servergraph/var/.
  • Alerting system works with all monitored applications and devices.
    • The Event Browser takes you to a dashboard where you can acknowledge events and create your own saved filters. This page cannot be set as a favorite, but you can create a tile widget to the URL.
    • Monitored Events takes you to a management dashboard where you can switch events, which are now related to scopes. You can now also set alerts for scopes of servers and nodes.
  • All dashboard widgets can be edited or recreated with wizard based Query Builder.
    • Access to Query Builder can be limited to individual users.

Device Support

  • No changes from Servergraph 8.3.

End of life

  • SuSE11 is no longer supported.

Third party software

  • Java run time has been upgraded to version 1.8.0_189

Additional information

To learn more, contact your Servergraph account manager or send an email to for more information.